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Bird Identification Question

April 28, 2014

Rick and I went walking down to the South River yesterday. Mom, do you think this is a Baltimore Oriole? His belly looked much more yellow/orange in real life than he does in my blurry photos. Rick heard and spotted him. He really has such a good eye for wildlife — sees and of course hears so much more than I do.

Let me know what you think!

Baltimore Oriole 1

Baltimore Oriole 2

Baltimore oriole 3

Baltimore oriole 4

Baltimore oriole 5

baltimore oriole 6

Soccer Today

May 8, 2011

Today Nick played soccer at Ukrop Park for the Richmond Kickers. I’m learning to use my new camera, and I happened to catch a series of shots of him playing defense. This is a classic soccer tackle. I also then tried my hand at making a simple slide show in Windows Movie Maker. You can go to my Shutterfly site to see the results of the experiment.

Happy Easter!

April 25, 2011

We went to Berryville for Easter. I posted pictures over at my Shutterfly site, which is so much better for layout of many photos on one page. You can go see how much fun we had!

Heirloom Jewelry

December 10, 2010

I had Rick snap this picture of me before the Rex Materials Christmas party not because I wanted a picture of me with a double chin in a red shirt – but because I hoped my jewelry would show up. I’m wearing my wedding ring and diamond Rick gave me, Mom’s engagement ring, Grandmother’s engagement ring, a silver bracelet Daddy gave to Mom, a silver bracelet Mom’s Dad gave to her for graduation (Mom, was it for high school or college? I’m afraid I’ve forgotten), and a silver necklace Mom gave to me that Karen got fixed for me. But Mom – I need to remember the history of the necklace; can you remind me? I’m also wearing my Clarke County High School class ring.

Earrings from Target.

I’m not much for fancy jewelry, but I love wearing “the family jewels.”

Weekend in Monroe

September 27, 2010

We had a great weekend visiting the Faulconers in Monroe. First we went to Nick’s soccer game in Midlothian, near Richmond. Nick played a great game at left fullback at Ukrop’s Park. His team lost, but he handled it beautifully. He is enjoying the new team a lot.

We kept the dogs in the car because we were more or less “on the way” to Monroe. If it had been as hot as it was the day before, we were planning to take them to a kennel in the general area for the morning because the soccer place does not allow pets at all. But the weather cooled off and the car did not heat up so we were able to keep them with us. This meant a more relaxing morning, since I didn’t have to rush back and forth to kennel.

After the game, we drove to Amherst County on Route 60, a road I don’t remember being on before. Once we got out of the divided highway, I really enjoyed the road and scenery. I drove, and Nick and I listened to A Wrinkle in Time, our current audiobook. Rick listened to music.

Had a surprise and out-of-season birthday party for Charles, since he’ll be in Florida when his actual birthday occurs. I do think he was surprised. Nice to be with Charlie, Susie, and Brian as well as Louise and Charles. Nick was the only grandkid there this time. Kevin was working, and Patrick is now at the low point of the bad cold that has been passed around our family. (Poor guy, he did not even have to come home to catch it. I think Kevin transported the cold from South Hill to Charlottesville). Great to see Brian looking hale and hearty.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal together – beautiful steaks, Nana’s famous macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs and Susie’s “candy bar cake,” which is even better than its name.

Nick had a wonderful time playing music with his Uncle Charlie. It was wonderful to hear them playing together, Nick on guitar and Charlie on piano. At times, both singing. We are so appreciative that Charlie took the time to play together.

Easy trip home. Rick napped and I drove, so we listened to quite a few more chapters of A Wrinkle in Time. Dogs were glad to get in the yard in South Hill to run flat out — especially Bella, of course. The bad news is, we had apparently left the door open to the refrigerator before we left yesterday, and all the food was very warm. Had to throw out a lot and of course had to run to the grocery store last night to have the basics for this morning. I guess Saturday morning with soccer, dogs, and trip to Monroe on our mind at 6 a.m., we somehow did not quite get everything taken care of.

If anyone wants to see more pictures I took last weekend, you can view them at my Shutterfly account on the Picture Albums page. Right now, it should be the first album shown, labeled 2010-09-25 Weekend In Monroe. Click here. PawPaw, the ones at Shutterfly are saved in the original high resolution if you want to download and print any–unlike the versions I post on my blog, which are lower res in order to make the pages load faster.

I squeezed in a walk with the dogs in the rain last night. Definitely needed my umbrella. So nice to get real rain. Hope you are getting some at your house too.

And so it goes.

‘Tis better to be better!

September 14, 2010

I finally seem to have kicked 90% of my allergy problem and laryngitis – or cold – or whatever it was! Lots better yesterday, but this morning, I can really tell that I will be better. I love being over a minor illness and having energy return, so that the simple things feel as easy as they “should.”

Today I take Nick to Richmond for soccer. He had some minor health complaints over the past few days, so I assume this is what we’ll do. He’s in the shower now, so I don’t know how he feels yet today. I need to head to the grocery store so I have food for today. I’ll fix lunch for dinner and then pack something for Nick and me to eat on the way home for Richmond. I hope my brain gets to work quickly on what that can be!

Kevin is here. He’s been doing school work practically without break for the past two days — so far a paper doing a statistical analysis on the amount of oil Ecuador produces per year compared to the amount to oil the United States uses — to see if there is any correlation. He’s also working on a paper on nonviolent communication, which as a communication person, is interesting to me. (Think Gandhi and Martin Luther King, among others).

I’m contemplating my retreat this weekend with the VaHomeschoolers Board of Directors. We are going to Mathews, VA over on the Chesapeake Bay to the vacation home of one of the board members. We hope by being away, we will have enough time and focus to get a lot of work done for the organization. Rick will be in charge of Nick, but it’s not too bad a weekend for that.

I’m having my first cup of tea at the kitchen table and trying to wake up — which should be much easier since I feel better!

Over At Each Turn, we’re Not Back To School!

September 11, 2010

I posted a picture from our Not Back to School party at my “job blog”.

Apologies to my school teacher mom and school principal mother-in-law, who know the value of education and invested so much in making school valuable for their students! We are blessed by your support, even though we are doing things a different way. Thank you!


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